Should I ask a guy out text him?

Awesome 1st date. Conversation incredible. He asked me out after texting a week but it was kindof like pulling teeth to get an invite. At the end of date he pulled me toward him, kissed me passionately and said what a good kisser i was.

He texted me the next day to say he had a great time and hoped i enjoyed my day. I texted back that id be outside enjoying it, hoped he xouls enjoy the outside too and that " it was great getting to know you better too. Thank you". And now 3 days have passed and nothing...

Did i sound dismissive? He kept going on about why was i single because i was so perfect. Im scratching my head. He also said his ex wife and ex girlfriend effected his confidence.

Should i just accept rhis as a brush off? I mean its only a date. No biggie. But it was the best I've had in years... Should i contact HIM? Or is he just not into me? Ps. I've been married and have kids so im not trying to force anything...


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  • Contact him and see how he responds.

    • A part of me feels like i would just lose dignity if i did. I was recently dating someone for 3 months who told me he was head over heel for me and then ghosted me. And i gave him the benefit of the doubt and texted. He responded quickly and beautifully each time too. But this allowed the relationship to last for a 4th mpnth that it never should have. Im sure he feels smug

    • This also happened me with the last guy I dated because I texted first too, but I'm so over the whole 'the guy has to initiate everything' kind of thing, like I know what I want and I'm not afraid to go after it and if they don't respond then that's their loss and I'll move on.

      If this guy is really serious about you, then he's not going to care whether you text first or not. And if it seems that you are the only one trying in the relationship, then just stop texting him. If he really does like you, then he'll contact you first after you stop :)

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