Why does dating have to be so nerve-racking?

I've met a looot of guys through dating apps in the past two years that I've been single. Out of probably around 300 guys I've talked to - I've met maybe 50... and liked maybe 3... so statisically, it's not very likely I'll find someone I feel I'm compatible with.

This weekend, a guy wanted to meet up at the bar I was at and he kept texting me asking me where I was, whether I just walked by him etc and I kept giving him one word answers because I honestly didn't think I'd like him. He found me and said hi and I was blown away. We had effortless conversation for the rest of the night and we ended up hanging out at my place til 8 am (he did everything to me besides sleeping with me, I didn't reciprocate and didn't let him into my bedroom either). He was keen on grabbing lunch the next day, but I said l need sleep. We had our 2nd date the following day. I asked him if we should postpone because I had a fever and a sore throat - and not only did he want to see me, he came over and brought cough drops and tea!! Not even boyfriends have done that for me without me asking for it, amazing!!! So then we made out and he took me to this really nice restaurant. Then he walked me home, kissed me and said let me know when you want to see me again. And then texted me saying he hopes it's not in too long and that he had a really nice time.

I feel like someone needs to slap me to wake me up. This guy fits like all my 30 criteria and I am terrified to mess anything up. I almost don't even look forward to dates cuz I'm scared of sudden rejection. FINALLY I found what I've been looking for. Why oh why has dating become so nerve-racking rather than enjoying the experience? Online dating makes it too easy for people to move on and I'm terrified he'll do the same:(


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  • Honestly I'd count your blessings you're even able to get dates.


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