How to get a guy to know I like him?

Ok sot there is a guy that delivers to my store at night... we spoke a few times briefly... finally i gave his co worker my number to give to him.. he text met he next day, we texted maybe a hr... then days later i text him and we text the whole day here and there since he was working... and its abeen a few days and we haven't talked which is fine, I'm not clingy but 1) does he know i like him? 2) would he bother to have text me when he got my number or even when i text him if he wasn't interested? 3) i can i let tell him i like him without saying I LIKE YOU lol.. (He has 2 jobs so he is a busy person and when he isn't working he is sleeping)


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  • Tell him how you feel and ask if he feels the same or ask him if he's ever thought about being a couple

  • You could just tell him you should have lunch sometime. Nothing wrong with asking him to hang out.


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