Normal amount of time talking? I. E texting, phone calls etc?

Been talking to this guy, we laugh, joke around go for hour long walks. He calls me beautiful, holds my hand when we walk. if you would look at us we look like two teenagers making out like crazy instead of two single parents of two boys. My only thing is I don't see him until late at night mostly cause of his job and child, and he doesn't talk everyday. A friend of mine said "if he is into you he would be talking to you all day" which I've had before didn't work out so well. What is the normal amount of time to talk with someone if they are interested but live a busy life? He works two 16 days and two days he is a firefighter and then has his son three days out of the week...


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  • I don't think there's an 'average ' time talking for people who are into eachother... Maybe normal for them people but not for the whole population.

    Me and my girlfriend are more of a physical couple (not just meaning sex, i mean cuddling, hand holding etc evt) and we only talk at the most twice a day and they only last 3 minutes just saying 'how are you, whatxha doing ' we hardly ever argue, we see eachother all the time and things are amazing

    If its really bothering you.. Just ask him 'why don't we talk everyday?' Because you'll get the answer you want and also if its the answer you was looking for.. He'll feel more comfortable around you too because who doesn't like being told that people want to talk to you more?

    Hahah goodluck


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  • If he's into you and he didn't have a job and a kid then he would be talking to you all day. I guess as long as you're both speaking regularly like every week then it's okay.


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