Not sure if it was a date nor how to act?

We used to hookup but it ended because I started seeing someone (which didn't work out). He also got a girlfriend. Lately we reconnected as friends and we've been spending lots of time together - like seeing each other every day. He's also started questioning whether he actually likes his girlfriend, and he's even said that he wished he'd tried to date me before as we click so well.

The other night he invited me to go do something with him and his friends. It started off perfectly innocently. But then we began to flirt quite heavily. After a few drinks, we ended up making out.

I know he has a girlfriend and it makes me a terrible person, but I really like him. He seems to really like me too. I'm not sure how to bring up what happened. Things have been very slightly awkward since that night. Do I say something?


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  • I'd say something to him if I were you, just so you know where you stand.


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