Girls, she said she wanted me to be her friend and wasn't ready for a relationship, then ends up seeing some other guy?

We went out on a few dates and sahe said she really enjoyed hanging out with me but wasn't ready for a relationship and didn't want to ruin our friendship over anything yet. I was going through a rough time already so it was hard for me to deal with at the time. We hung out a few times, just as friends and the. She started treating me like complete shit. Even came over to my house and did t speak to me, but I was just so beat down that my emotions really showed. We hadn't seen each other in a couple months but I always tried to keep in contact with her to make sure that she is doing alright, just as friends would do. I asked her out for a drink just last week and she told me she was seeing someone and we can only go out as friends. I told her she deserves to happy but it's not fair for me to be her friend anymore with how she has treated me and that I need to concentrate on my job, so I broke things off. A couple days later I'm at the bar with friends and she asking them where they are at and then her and her friends show up. Her friends were staring at me and she was very stand offish but I didn't give her any attention. From a girls perspective, could I get some opinions on how she feels? Would she try to make me jealous at all after that? I just really feel like I was lied to and it hurts me very much for that to happen because I really do care about her.


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  • she was just trying to let you down easy.


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