Could this mean something or am I overanalyzing things?

So there's this girl I started talking to in March, and we really hit it off but I messed things up once by walking away from a conversation she started (I thought it was over) and things have been pretty awkward since May or so. We've still texted though but it's been kinda sparse, she's seemed enthused a few of the times we talked though but I dunno.

Anyways last Thursday me and my friends thought up a small pact. If one of us asked out a girl the others would have to within two weeks as well. We agreed as it was supposed to serve as a motivator, all of us had interest in some girls, so we were planning to strong arm each other into doing something. It grew faster than planned and soon it was like 10 guys or so.

Well on Friday one guy decided to tell her, not only the girl I was interested in that but also her friend who one of my other friends is interested, about the pact. Her friend remarked on it being kinda sad and they were laughing, and the guy also said he knew who was going to ask them out but never specified as to who. Pretty much everyone was disappointed him for just leaking it like that.

I've been uncertain as to whether or not I should give up or ask her out now and I've been leaning towards giving up. Today a teacher was jokingly giving me shit over not speaking loud enough, well my crushes friend said I needed to be more assertive and looked at my crush after saying it. Throughout the class period I caught her friend looking at me several times. But I dunno if I'm overanylzing things as I tend to do so or does it mean anything?


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  • You're overanalyzing. There's nothing to lose by asking her out but she does seem interested. At least text her again and see how things go. If they go well ask her out


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  • She's interested!

  • i think you're overanalyzing.


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