I met a guy on a dating site, added him on fb but he has a gf?

Why would he give me his Facebook if he has a gf?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe he's cheating on her.

    • It says they live in different states
      They live across the country from each other

    • Ya so it's easier for him to cheat on her with you or another girl if they live across the country from one another.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Dang sounds like his game is weak. Caught by the classic FaceBook hustle. Although if he gave you his FB account it doesn't sound like he's all that bright so you're probably better off running away. Sorry about your luck man; but it sounds like you're officially the "other girl" in his relationship.

    Pro tip: If you're going to be a cheater (which I can't recommend) don't have a FaceBook account.

  • Most attractive guys on a dating site-who seem too good to be true; are too good to be true!

    • Yeah true
      So I just stopped talking to him

What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like he is cheating on his girlfriend.

  • Wow.. shady and lowlife as hell. Literally don't even talk to him. I mean, he's only going to be unfaithful to you if you try to chase him.

    • I know girl
      I told him I'm not talking to him and he asked why
      I just didn't answer

    • But last night he was sending me pics with this other girl
      The girl who he is supposedly in s relationship with on fb is a totally different girl
      He told me flat out he wanted to make me jealous

    • Just tell him he's an unfaithful asshole and he shouldn't be in a relationship if he just wants to play with all the girls. This is what you call a manslut-fuckboi hybrid. Don't go for the manslut-fuckboi hybrids.

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