Why did it hurt so much when he told me he doesn't want a relationship right now?

I've been rejected SO times the past couple years (in both online & offline dating) that I feel like something's wrong with me.. I don't understand, people say I'm really sweet & fun to talk to, and quite a few people say I'm pretty. Recently I started liking a new guy friend, and I was so sure he liked me too. He texted me everyday & invited me to hang out one-on-one often. When I asked if he liked me, he said talking to me is always one of the highlights of his day and that he loves hanging out w/me, but he wasn't looking for a relationship right now. When I got home I burst into tears & cried for hours until I was physically sick. I feel like something is seriously wrong with me & I'm getting old and I'll never gonna find anyone to settle down with. Am I overreacting, and do you guys get this upset when someone tells you they don't want a relationship?


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  • I react the same.


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