Girls, think I'm a "player" but I'm really not?

Girls , often tell me things like.. "why are you talking to me? You could sleep with anyone you want" , "The way you talk to me seems like you've been with a lot of girls".. My female cousin once randomly said with confidence "you can get any girl in this bar" as if she was willing to bet her life savings on me. I haven't really had that many sexual partners at my age in comparison to my friends. I don't talk to a lot of girls via text on a consistent basis.. I really don't have any particular love intrests in my life right now , but yet girls are constantly seeing me as some don juan? It's as if girls see me as 4 - 5 times more confident then I actually am.

Am I missing something?


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  • People always judge by looks. You might be very attractive.


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