Is he going to text me again?

Basically, there was a guy who was interested in me, but he has a LDR for the past 2 years, but been together way longer.

After 5 months of texting and being "friends", but it was clear thta he was interested, I told him that I don't want to continue and that I can't be "friends"... he offered to be friends because of his current situation.

Was it the right decision to cut contact? I miss talking with him, but there is still silence between us.
I told him in my mail that I don0t want to be friends, because it couldn0t work and that he should contact me if he changes his mind about "me", "the situation" etc. i told him that he knows where he can find me...

It's probably a lot to ask since he knows her longer, and he doesn't really know me that well...
I guess he wanted to be "friends" to keep me around and get to know me better. Well, I was quite bitchy because of the whole situation, so didn't make the best impression, but i don't care...

i just wonder if it was harsh? should i have been "friends"? it's been 3 weeks since i told him... we haven't spoken, he is never online either
Do you think he will contact me again? and was i clear about my intentions?


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  • He probably will and I think you were.

    • but it might take a few weeeks till he contacts me, right?

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