Need opinions please messed up thinking?

my high school sweet heart has no social media that I can find. But this past Christmas she commented on friends of her And mine that had a baby I went to grade school and hs with both of them they took a pic for Halloween and my birthday is a couple days after Halloween my sweet heart commented how cute. Anyways u found her again from looking again and her display pic is of her dog just dog not her. I have a dog to lonIg story. I have no social media besides linkinib which is not verified she really has no way to get ahold of me. by the way during Christmas I told my friends that had a baby tell my sweet heart I was trying to contact her. Do you guys think she wants to get ahold of me sorry for the way I wrote this out thought ar scatters


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  • She probably want to,

    • That's what I was thinking k here me out. When she commented on our friends baby pic some random next girl commented named Jessica and my last name and this girl does no exists lol what song think about that please thanks?

    • The random girl name was Jessica with my last name she doesn't exist. Why can be messing with me

    • by the way Jessica is her name. Lmfao my thoughts are really scattered

What Guys Said 1

  • This was horrendous to read and I have no idea what any of it was trying to say or how the hell it relates to your question " Do you guys think she wants to get ahold of me "


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