Why am I as a human being not allowed to have an opinion?

I have the right to say what I want, I have the right to have an opinion, I have the right to challenge opposing ideas/views. I have tried so many websites where people can share their opinions i. e reddit, yahoo answers, quora, topix but I always get banned or my questions/opinions get deleted.

I have the right to be against drugs/alcohol.
I have the right to ask a certain group why they hate my people.
I have the right to seek justice.

You can preach to me that "but these websites have rules and you must follow them" but those "rules" only benefit certain people not everyone, how can I share my view or my opinion if people are just too sensitive and use their influence to silence you.

And no there's no point in being "nice" to try an convey an opinion neither do I have to be nice to strangers on the internet.


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  • Hmmm did someone make you feel like you are not allowed to have an opinion?

    You are allowed to have an opinion but you simply must be realistic about the aftereffect of displaying your opinion. It's not always that people are being "too sensitive" but that you may genuinely be being an insensitive dumb fuq of an idiot. There is a way to express your opinion with tact, decency, and graciousness. Once you start leaving those things out and your opinion is 90% rude insults, antagonizing, patronizing, and generally offensive disrespect then that is probably where you'll content will be getting banned. There is a point in being "nice" to convey an opinion: human decency. Consideration for others. Tact. Compassion and empathy for the human condition and what someone else may be going through. If you truly feel like you don't have to be nice to "strangers on the internet" just because there's a screen separating the two of you then maybe it's not in your nature to be a nice person in the first place? I don't know it's hard to say for sure without knowing the specific details of the situation. Basically, you are allowed to have an opinion but if you express it the wrong way, then others are allowed to dispose of it.

    • So asking questions like "why do white women say bad things about Indian men?" is offensive huh?
      Or "why do white people hate Indians so much?" is offensive?

      But calling Indian men rapists, scammers, annoying telemarketers etc isn't offensive?

      So basically retaliating against white people is "offensive" and "antagonizing".

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    • I'm not living in ignorance and tolerance for the simple fact that I'm honestly informing you that YOU SOUND WHINY. You do not possess effective communication skills and you are doing a piss poor job at getting your point across because your tone is drenched with sensitivity and an emotional tantrum. I never even said "deal with it" Omg you are such a drama queen. Not dealing with you again, ever.

    • @Asker pretty sure you're using a fake account to passive aggressively whine without being penalized as if they can't track your IP address to the primary account.

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  • if your opinion is negative keep it to your self people may have the same opinion as you but it can emotionally hurt people, i know what you mean but if your opinion is negative like your against gays or something then protest against it in a proper demonstration (physical) (i'm not against gays though) you are very much valid to your own opinion however some opinions just aren't meant to be shown on sights that have rules against them the KKK are entitled to their own opinions but that doesn't mean that a lot of people think their not assholes (to me they are). if its positive then spread it it may make someone feel better about themselves.

    • Then keep your racist 7-11 jokes to yourself because I don't want to hear them.
      Keep your racist stereotypes of Indians to yourself because they're negative.
      Keep your bullshit "complaints" about Indians to yourself because I don't like them.
      Everything you say also applies to you!

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    • I don't even know how to hack ffs.

    • I swear on my fathers grave.

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  • well you're definitely allowed to have an opinion. several, even. as many as you want, actually.

    but on a privately owned forum, you're kind of out of luck. if you wanted to come to the capital of the city or country and shout your opinions all day, you're welcome to do that (as long as you don't touch or threaten to touch anyone).

    but if i had a website, i wouldn't delete your Q's :p hope that helps.

  • are you really mean in what you post? there's not much banned here.

    • No I simply ask questions like why do white people hate Indians?
      - Why do white women say bad things about Indian men?
      - Why are people who do drugs losers

      Basically I ask questions asking about why white people are racist towards my people and I ask questions that are anti drugs/alcohol.

  • Thinly veiled rants aren't the same as actual questions. Judging by your comments and few questions visible, your extra details are full of wrathful accusations, not inquiry.

    • Just like your"wrathful accusations" aimed at Indian men.

    • I've never made any accusations against Indian men. I think your anger and anxiety is leading you astray. Yeah, there are a a lot of jerks on the internet - I agree with you there. But ranting at people is always going to make them angry.

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  • "I have the right to say what I want"

    You don't have a right to say what you want on a private web site. It's not preaching that you have to follow their rules. That's simply stating fact. You have no right to be there. You don't even have a right to be online in the first place. You are there only because you entered into an agreement with them that allows you to use their site under whatever conditions they want.

    You can start your own website. Then you can say what you want - maybe. Even with your own site you have to follow the rules of the web host, your ISP, etc.

    • So it's ok for white people to be racist towards Indians.
      It's ok for others to be above the law but im not allowed.
      It's ok for people to boast about using drugs/alcohol but im not allowed to oppose it?

      So basically you hate freedom and that you are entitled to it but no one else is huh? bloody fascist!

    • You apparently didn't understand a word I said. Not a thing you said has anything to do with what I said.

    • But thats what you are saying, you are saying "you are not allowed to but I am allowed to" And the fact that you said that even if you have your own website you still can't say what you want proves that you oppose freedom. And are a fascist.

  • Rights are an illusion. Tell someone in power about your "rights" and see where it goes. Have your opinions, don't be afraid to share them, but also realize that there will be plenty of people who won't understand or simply don't want to. Don't let others piss on your parade as much as possible.

  • On your comment about being nice: I suppose it is true that if one wants speak, but has no desire to actually convince anyone of anything then there is no advantage to being nice (aside from not getting kicked off of sites).

    Do you want to seek justice, or actually achieve it? If the latter you shouldn't throw away potential advantages.

    That said, the examples you've been giving in response to other comments don't seem ban-worthy. Perhaps phrasing the questions in a less accusing/rage-filled manner would keep you from getting banned? It would also have the greater benefit of not putting people who read the question on the defensive.

  • I think we found the root of your problem in the last paragraph. Most websites and their users prefer civility. But hey, if you want to be rude while you express your opinions, that's fine there are places you can do that, but most people don't want to hear it. I think you fit in just fine on one of the "chan" sites.

  • Well you sound like a lovely human being. Anyways, these sites have rules, and you're not entitled to any rights on a website. Those inalienable rights are to protect your rights from the government, not admins on a website.

    Apparently you keep putting words in peoples mouths and say its okay for people to be racist and call people fascist. Okay. Let me say that it's weird you assume that every white person is racist, because saying all white people are bigoted would in fact make you a bigot as well. But whatever I'm not gonna change your mind.

    • Right you're just going to ignore all the 7-11 jokes and all the generalizations against Indian men.

    • Well I personally tell racist jokes, though most of the time I make fun of my own heritage (that being predominantly German). There's a difference between a joke and actually being racist. If a make a joke about Bush doing 9/11 does that mean I actually believe that Bush did 9/11?

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