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My boyfriend and i have been dating for 4 years. He is 28 and im 24. We have been long distance for 5 months so far becauae he got a better job offer in savannah ga and i still live at home trying to save up money to move in with him. Im flying out this weekend to see him for labor day weekend. He is paying for half my ticket well his mom texted me saying i saw on fb you're flying to see andrew this weekend did u get a good deal on tickets. I explained that andrew was nice enough to offer half. Well apparently she calls him up later saying i hope you're not paying for half your ticket you still need to pay off your couch. I feel like it isn't her place when he has his own apartment and :-! is a grown 28 year old man to be telling him what he should be doing with his money when it cones to him and his girlfriend nor is it her business. She always butts in where she doesn't belong. I have talked to my nf again about this issue but he continues to blow me off. How do i get him to have my back in this issue and defend me. I think couples should have a united front.


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  • Ah mothers and mothers in law. They never change. You can talk to him about it but I don't think anything will change. Welcome to the misery like the rest of us

  • I think he is going to deal with her the same way he is dealing with your questions about it.

    Ignoring people whose business it isn't is a surprisingly effective tool.


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