Who does it go to first?

If you're in a serious long term committes adult relationship who should your allegiance go to first your mom or gf? A lot of people say mom until you're married but if you never make your girlfriend your first priority then how will you ever start making her feel like you wanna start your life and setyle down with her if she us always second to mom? Also what about couples who never marry? Explain your answer as to who your allegiance should go to first and why and in what ways?


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  • Your girlfriend isn't blood, her love is conditional whereas your momma's ain't. Girls wanna be priority but are their boyfriends priority over their daddy? Don't think so!

    • Just because they don't have the same blood doesn't mean anything. I jave plebry of friends who aren't blood related to me who have been there for me a lot more then certain blood relatives. Being blood related isn't the only thing that makes you family. Its who is by your side day to day supporting you. And my boyfriend and i have beem together 4 years and we live together and make day to day decisions together that he doesn't make with his mom. I think we are family besidea maybe the reason people break up is because guys are always willing to act like mommas boys and never stand up for his girl and be a united front when it comes to his mother. Yes i put my boyfriend before my dad for the most part because i see a future with him. You never answeres the question of give me examples of ways that a guys allegiance should go to his mother over his girlfriend or wife if thats what you believe

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    • Yes, I am sure you will find a guy who prioritizes you over his momma! :D

    • My guy does for sure lol. My best friends guy and her have been together 7 years and he still always puts her second to mommy i feel really bad for her i don't know why she dtill puts up with it for 7 years even though she hates it

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