Girls, girls!! please read this I need your advice?

So, i don't want want tobother you all with my problems but long story short:

Context: college (first weeks)

1) I have 2 tickets first rows for the baseball on Friday (last home game of season)

2) I really want to go, but my few male friends are busy and honestly I just don't want to go with a guy this time.

3) there's a girl that I saw and caught eye with in one of my classes (we are just in 2nd week of classes, college level) and I want to ask her out.

I know I know, it might be better to first get to know her more, let her know I exist, be friends blablabla.

With that said,

Question: Would it be super weird for you if a guy just asked you out in person very direct? What would you suggest?

I was thinking this, tomorrow I have class (big class, think 150+, but note that we have crossed faces and a stare one time) and after class coming up to her and be like: hey! How are you? I'm blabla what's your name, hey listen, I honestly never do this but I saw you the other day and I told to myself "Waow I wonder if she would go out with me? She seems nice/cool" so I wanted to figure that out, would you like to get lunch some time?

And then see how she responds and move from there and tell her about Friday.


And thank you thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate your help


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  • I agree that you needs to make it shorter, but saying you thinks she is cute (as another commenter suggested) could be a bit full on/unnecessary. It'll already be obvious to her (that you like her) if you're asking her to come with you to the game. Also, you should lose the "I don't normally do this" part - it'll just make you seem un-confident.

    Your best approach would be to try and engage her in conversation about something else for a short while first. You're taking the same class, so this shouldn't be impossible. Then, after you have been chatting to her for a bit, ask her if she'd be interested in going with you.


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  • That would be very nice of your part. I don't see any reason for her saying no unless she's busy. I wouldn't miss the chance.

  • ok so that might be a bit surprising at first but depending on her she might act differently. try not to be so wordy because it comes out really weird if you rehearse it like that. short and simple. maybe not the lunch thing because it is in such short notice. just say something like" hey im _____ i have seen you a few times and i think you're cute would you like to go to the football game with me this Friday "


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