Attention guys and girls should I be worried why she messaged him?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years during our 3rd year we were a little on and off due to my lack of trust and an ability to not go through his social media accounts now, I never found anything that was disrespectful to our relationship like cheating or flirting but he's very friendly guy so he makes friends with almost anybody we don't go to the same college and he works in a restaurant business with a bunch of girls anyways he made friends with some girls at school one of these girls I am friends with on Instagram and she likes all my pictures and like all of his also she recently message to him today on one of his social media accounts and said " my ipod won't let me text you so just message me here" he knows I go through his snapchat but he didn't respond to her so I responded for him and said "huh" but she didn't respond back she saw it but didn't should I worry or should I let it go he said he saw her at school earlier and said hi but that's about it


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    • Should I be worried about that convo

    • Forget the convo. That is not the big picture. The big picture is your insecurity and need to control your boyfriend

    • You need help for that. I recently got out of a relationship like this and it made me very bitter.

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