I need to get to know new guys slowly, but I worry I've given him the wrong idea?

I met a guy online. He's so so sweet. Just so kind, and always so positive, and he's smart and funny. The more I get to know him, the more I start to like him. We'd been talking for a couple of weeks before we met. He came to my friend's birthday thing, and we chatted a bit. Before I met him in person, I wasn't sure if I'd be attracted to him, but after meeting him, and talking to him face-to-face, I think he's an amazing person. I think he is (or at least was) kind of interested in me too, because at one point when we were talking before we met, we were discussing our mutual love for improv, and he said something about maybe taking me to a show someday. And the other day he even started out one of his messages to me with "one of the things I really like about you is..."
But because I'm the kind of person who needs to get to know someone slowly and casually, without the pressure of physical stuff and flirting and all that (basically be friends first), I'm worried that he is, or already has gotten the wrong idea. How can I slowly, gently, subtly (so as not to jump into anything or move too fast) let him know that I do like him as more than a friend? I'd like to avoid embarrassing myself, too haha


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  • try not to flirt.


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