Girls, Do single women actually go places to be approached?

I hang out at coffee shops, and I always thought that was supposed to be a great place to meet women. I've never met one I've had anything more than a passing joke or short conversation with. I try not to be too filrty because, usually like them, I'm just there to get a coffee and have a bit of time to myself relaxing. But, is it really unnacceptable to try to meet women at places where I actually have interests being?


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  • Omg yes. So freaking approach me

    • If you're in or around Akron or Kent Ohio maybe I will now.

    • Do you have any suggestions on how I should approach my approach of the girl I want to approach?

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  • yeah girls wanna be approached

  • Go to Starbucks. You could meet girls there

    • Starbucks is terrible and has no respect for the craft of producing a fine coffee beverage. I go to locally owned or small chain shops only. I worked for starbucks and felt like I worked for McDonalds, horrible atmosphere if you're not gay, woman, or feminine straight.

    • I am a female, and I only go to Starbucks to get my coffee and then head to college, I do not even stay there.

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