Why are so many of my guy friends telling me that they like me?

At school some of my classmates have been coming up to me and telling me that one of my guy friends liked me and I say no they don't you're full of shit. And like last week, several of my guy friends who I was told like me, came up to me and said they liked me and two guys who I hang out with that don't go to my school kissed me and I don't think they told each other but it's fucking awkward now. And my best guy friend who lives on the other side of the world told me that he loves me. Why the fuck is this happening to me? I'm probably one of the few teenage girls who don't dream of romance. I'm rude, vulgar, and generally not the best person. I can be really sweet but I have no fucking clue why these people like me. Why the fuck does this happen to me?


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  • They are attracted to you and they also enjoy your company. It usually happens with friends of the opposite gender. I am seriously thinking of keeping only female friends around in order to prevent that from happening.


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  • -You could be a flirt and not notice it
    You're just awesome


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  • I can literally tell you're in middle school.
    It is literally oozing out of you.


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