If you were not attractive and noticed it was holding you back in your life would you get plastic surgery?

Its holding me back in my professional business life and my dating life. Considering to throw about 10 grand on plastic surgery getting a nose job and eyelid surgery to get rid of my huge bags under my eyes and my deviated septum. It's not like an insecurity at this point I'm just at that point where I have accepted it and just want to able to move further in my life. It's harder for unattractive people to move up in the business world.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I would rather live with my 'real' self than a 'fake' me.


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  • I don't know man, there are some pretty fucking ugly people out there that are damn successful...

    Steve Ballmer, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg

    A buddy of mine, Irish guy, no jaws, deviated septim, looks like he got smashed in the face by a bull, one of the ugliest guys you'll ever meet married to a pretty sexy lady of Brazilian descent, but he's got a great attitude and women like the guy for some reason...


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What Girls Said 2

  • If I had money I would do it for myself. I have masculine face. I want to get facial feminization surgery. It's something transgender male to females get to get their faces more feminine looking.

  • I'd live with what i got make it work 😌


What Guys Said 2

    My imperfections are part of who I am. So what I don't have the best looking face and body, what matters is that they are mine. Plastic surgery wouldn't improve me it would only take away from who I am. It would mean that I'm an insecure little bitch that's willing to let others dictate what is attractive. If they don't like it that's their problem not mine.

  • I dont think a babyface can be fixed with plastic surgery lol


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