She says she liked when her ex was needy?

What did this mean? How do women scale needy and how could it be a good thing?



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  • Well being needy in a good way I'd say would be that he cares a lot for you. My boyfriend I would consider needy, he always text me everyday and asks if I had my 3 meals because before I had an eating disorder where I would fast for a month on water and then I would eat below 500 calories a day. I am past that now and pretty healthy for the most part. My boyfriend would also ask me if I had any plans, sometimes i'll go drinking or partying and he would tell me to be carful. Being needy isn't bad at all as long as he isn't commanding you.


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  • but needy's never a good thing actually...

    most people when they say "needy" they mean a super-attached person... who leaves u no space to breathe... and they r keepin u under constant pressure... :|

    now about y she liked her X being like this... it's very surprisin indeed... maybe she wasn't gettin any attention from someone else? and she liked da fact her X was givin her so much attention even endin up being needy?


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