Why is he avoiding me?

This coworker had a huge crush on me. He was telling all my co workers to talk good about him in front of me. We went to beach and park. Had a good time. And one time I felt that he was ignoring me so I started ignoring him and then fell bad n texted him sorry about it. And told him he might be sleeping. So take care. At nowhere I show up n he doesn't say hi or smile like he used to. I asked him one day if he could help me with my lifeguard practice. He told me he had to check his schedule and then he told he was. The next day he texted me he had to leave early. I told him I was 3 min away. If he needed to leave it was fine. And he told me yeah I have to sorry. The next day when he saw me he was avoiding me. Why is he acting like that?


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  • May be he is frustrated that things are not in his favor. Kinda pessimistic.


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