Why is she doing the total opposite of what I try to do?

When we're having a normal conversation, she will try to get personal and more close. Then when I'm also being open and close with her, she kinda seems drawn back. Then again when I also stop and move back to having a normal conversation, she will try to get close again. I don't get her. It's like she likes when I'm being just formal with her and not being open like close friends do. I'm confused.


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  • So , what you're saying is that mixed signals are being shown.

    From what I get you really like this girl.
    You don't know how to operate around her... because her when you do show affection (she is withdrawn). When you don't show affection (she is total opposite).
    This all can be solved by open communication.
    You have to tell her how you feel about her.
    If she tells you that she feels the same... then go from there.
    When you show affection, smile with her and say , "Don't be soo shy". in a teasing and playful way.
    She'll come around.

    I never like to real signs because often times they are confusing.
    Talking things out... always gives a better explanation of where you two stand and how someone feels about you.

    Best wishes!

    • *I never like to READ signs because often times they are confusing.

  • How open and how close?

    • Relationships (ex, crush, etc), family issues, etc.

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    • About a year now, yes!

    • That is a long while... I'm confused too.

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