What do you think about liking the opposites sexes pictures while in a relationship, whether the picture is provacutive or not?

I look at liking other guys pictures / him liking other girls pictures as a form of flirting. May sound stupid, but if you like. Picture you don't always have to let them know you like it, correct? Especially liking every single picture they post, even going far back months and months into photos. Aren't hou obviously trying to get that persons attention, to let them know you think they're attractive? I've let the s/o know I did and do not like it when he does this. he is relentless and continues to even after seeing how upset it's made me even after explaining to him how I saw it. What are your thoughts on?
  • That's stupid to get upset over, Id let it go.
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  • No you have every right to be upset. He deliberately continues after knowing how you feel. I also see it as a form of flirting.
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  • You are correct. Liking a persons photo is a form of attention seeking in most cases. However if this is a childhood friend or someone who is just a friend and he is liking the photos, then I would not worry. It is all dependent on context.


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