My boyfriend always makes me jealous and is always successful leaving me in tears. I never cry infront of him but I get really hurt:( Help me please?

I know you'll close the tab as soon as you'll see this long passage. But u can't even imagine how much it hurts me lol. Please this will barely take a minute. please. so., He works in a restaurant and always tells me, today a girl and a guy came. Girl was so beautiful and guy was just eww. One day he gave me a picture of a girl and when i asked who is she. He was angry at me for some reason so he said why should i tell. just tell me she is cute right? Later he said that it was his cousin.
One dayy he had some guests at his home and he was skyping with me and suddenly said, My cousin i so so pretty. A Few days ago, he said today a girl came to the shop and she was so so so pretty but I saw ur face in hers. I love you. One day he asked about one of my friend and said that she is so pretty. My friend saw him and he wants to talk to her. One day he told me about his old friend, and ssaid she is so so cute and later gave me her pic. When i said she is so pretty he said;Oh yes she is. HE ALWAYS DOES LIKE THIS. HE EVEN GIVES ME THE PICTURES OF LOCAL SINGER GIRLS LIKE ONE DAY HE ASKED ME TO GOOGLE A SINGER. I DID. I SAID YES SHE IS NICE. HE SAID;JUST NICE? SHE IS REALLY REALLY PRETTY. BEAUTY AT ITS EXTREME LEVEL. FROM THAT DAY I AM JEALOUS OF THAT CELEBRITY TOO. YOU MIGht be thinking that i am abnormal or something, But whenever i try to make him jealous, HE GETS ANGRY AND STOPS TALKING TO ME. AND I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH THAT I DONT WANT HIM TO EVENN GET JEALOUS BECAUSE IT WOULD HURT HIM. What should i do? i dont even know. I know he loves me a lot and i am 100 percent sure. We are together since more than a year and he is alright in other matters EXCEPT FOR THIS. HE PURPOSELY MAKES ME JEALOUS IN AN INDIRECT MANNER. In a manner in which i can't even ask him to stop. Please help me please?


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  • You say he loves you, but I don't think he truly does. If he did, you would be the girl he would always be bragging about to other people.

    Don't put up with his shit.


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