Asking Women out for Dates?


I've recently broken a habit of never asking girls out for dates. I used to not ask women out generally because of being inexperienced at dating (I've never been on a date yet) so I wouldn't ask, but I asked one girl out (she said no as she had a boyfriend), and I now have this habit where if I like the look of a girl and I like talking to her, I'll ask her out. No worries, no hesitation, just straight out ask her. I've done this four times, and so far the answer I've got is that they have boyfriends.

My question is am I approaching women in the wrong way, that I'm coming on too strong or forward? The thinking behind this is that because my success rate is low as it is, I rather just get on with asking her out and move on with whatever answer she gives. I prefer a speedy rejection to a prolonged effort that turns out fruitless.


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  • Sounds like you are getting what you expect to get: A speedy rejection.

    If what you are doing keeps giving you the same result why do you keep doing it? Try a different approach. Get to know her a little first. Then you will know if she has a boyfriend and if she may be interested. Thus, avoiding those where the answer is already, "No" before you ask.


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