Is it a bad sign if a guy texts less after a first date, even when said he was excited for a second date?

Does it mean he's not interested or I said something wrong in a text or he doesn't like texting that much or do I need to back off and keep him wondering more?
Before the first date-long, detailed back and forth texting
After the first date-shorter, less frequent back and forth texting


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  • It could be a bad sign, yeah. It could also mean he's simply just running out of things to say in those long, detailed texts. I know I do.

    Look out for other signs and see if he becomes more or less interested in you.

    • How do I know if a guy in general is losing interest?

    • -He'll try his best to avoid a second date
      -He'll talk to you less frequently
      -He'll hint that you should see someone else
      -He isn't enthusiastic about the idea of seeing you again
      -He's unable to give you good eye contact

    • Ok, well the only one so far is that he's talking to me less frequently. Guess I'll find out eventually. Thanks for for responding!

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