HELP PLEASE!!! Is it a bad sign if a guy texts less after a first date?

Even if he says he enjoyed the date and my company and is excited to see me again?

Asking again cuz I only got one reply before...


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  • Well i mean if he's texting you in general after the first date, then thats good! How much did you guys talk before the date? How often are you guys texting now?

    • Well, I met him on Tinder of all places and he said he's totally not into the casual sex thing so we were talking a lot on there for like 2 or 3 days then he asked me on a date and for my number. We would text long detailed messages to eachother and he would say goodmorning or goodnight to me and its always back and forth. The date went really well, he paid for it and there was lots of eye contact and the chemistry was great! We talked and laughed a lot. After the date, I said thanks for the date, i enjoyed his company and he texted back that he did too and was excited to see me again. So the next 2 days after that, the texts are now like 2-6 hours apart and they are shorter-is this bad? I sent him a text last night and he still has not responded and he hasn't been saying goodmorning or goodnight anymore either.

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    • Ok, thanks for your help :( I wish they would just tell you they aren't interested instead of guessing and making the first date so perfect and amazing, plus how can you tell anything in the first date? I can't be that awful... lol

    • Tell me about it, i had the same situation. Im sure you're not awful :) Some guys suck at telling/showing emotion or how they feel so they just let things slide. And you're welcome :)

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