What are good topics do bring up around girls?

I like this girl in my band class and I talk to her almost everyday after and before lunch but I ran out of like things to say today cause she is extremely shy but I can tell she is interested somehow cause she smiles and always looks for me in band she just doesn't contribute to the convo but I wanna know what I should do now this has been going on for a week and I don't know what to talk about anymore


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  • Since you both like music assuming because hall are in band, ask her about what intrustment she would like to play besides the one she plays now or what's favorite type of music outside of band? Ask her questions like that or go on about a movie you saw and ask if she saw it and go on commonly like that

    • Already asked about the music thing but will try talking about movies

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  • At this point I would say ask her out to do something outside of school. That way you shouldbe able to break through her shyness and get her talking a bit. Once that happens, yyou'll have a better idea of topics. Or just look up random weird facts that could interest her, learn about and bring it up. First idea though, do it.


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  • try talking about her, and if that doesn't work try talking to her about music to see if you have a common interest

    • I tried music she is just really shy like if she gives me a big smile she'll try to hide it I usually don't deal with shy girls that's why I don't know what to do but I really do like her

    • try slipping a note to her during class something simple though that says something like, hey I would love to get to know you. Would you like that too check yes or no

    • Okay I might do that I don't know that just seems weird to do for me but I'll see if I get a chance

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