Is my crush gay?

I've had a crush in this guy for a while and the first time I had a full conversation with him I felt like he was giving off huge "I like you signs" and he never came across as "gay" to me (I have a really good gay-dar) but my best guy friend recently came out of the closet to me our friends and my crush (my gay friend and my crush are both in the same running team and have talked Amit before) my friend DMed my crush on instagram and told him he was gay then the next day he was afraid that other people on their track team Found out so he DMed my crush again and my crush said he had no idea how word spread around (probably because he told his brother) and then my friend got his number and they started texting each other. They just talked about kids at our school and my friend asked my crush if he was straight and he was like "me? yeah I'm straight" in the texts. my friend showed me their whole convo. My friend and I aren't sure if he may be gay or bi-curious but I have a feeling he may not be straight. My crush also looks at me a lot when we see one another in the halls but he quickly glances away when I catch him. I don't know maybe he's bi?


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  • So you think your crush may be gay simply because he had a conversation with a gay guy?

    • Because they started texting one another every one has been telling me "oh yeah he's gay" so I'm just wanting to see what others think

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