Why is it I can not get in a relationship?

Anyone out there able to give me advice?

Im 19, I've been out with a few different girls but nothing that has stuck or gone past the 1st date and has never turned out to be anything serious. I consider myself to be a nice guy and people always ask why I don't have a girlfriend? Something I ask myself all the time.

I've been looking around for a few years now, but no luck. I don't know if the problem is that I don't drink alcohol at all, but when going out I'm always having a good time nether the less.

Any my help would be appreciated!


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  • I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with you drinking, lol. I'd bet that you're a good guy and quite handsome, but theirs plenty of girls out there who would die for you😉. Don't worry she's just hiding from you and when you find her I'm sure you won't be disappointed☺!

  • Maybe u r the good friend always? Since u r too nice u r friendzoned by the girls being nice is good but with limits to not friendzone urself haha


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