Guys, I do everything for my girlfriend and she dosnt do anything for me?

I always do nice things for my girlfriend like i think any boyfriend should. she gets unwell a lot so i always look after her, if she is staying at mine i but in junk food, her favourite wine and even pizza, she dosnt have a lot of confidence so i constantly tell her how beautiful she is and how much i love her, i make loads of time her family, i even saned her mums hall because she was redecorating, i even gave up on my dream of traveling because she wante to have kids and start a family, I dont mind doing all they things because i think thats what a boyfriend should do, but she hasn't done anything for me, she did quit smoking for me but she was trying to quit anyway and me not liking it just gave her the push she needed, it didint bother me at first but its getting a bit annoying, should i tell her how i feel, or am i just being stupid and selfish by ecxpecting her to do things for me?
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  • You've definitely sacrificed a lot for her, so does she appreciate it? And do you feel like she loves you, or cares for you? Because you having doubts, makes me think not, so i would sit her down and get everything you wanna say off your chest.

    • I thought she did but the longer it gose on im starting to doubt it, she has talked about doing stuff but she never actually dose, i think i am going to need to say something to her soon

    • Yes you do, it's only going to get worse the longer you leave it. Just have a chat and find out what's happening, if she doesn't do out for you, like you do for her, then you should break up with her.

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  • Relationships are supposed to be about give AND take.

    • So you think I've been giving to much and not takeing enougth?

    • Fro what you describe, you've been giving everything and getting nothing. When you are dating, people are on their best behavior. This is as good as it gets. It this what you are willing to settle for?

  • You need to communicate with her how you feel what inadequacies you are seeing in the relationship. She may not realize what she is doing, or not doing and just needs a heads up!

  • Tell her how you feel, and use the being selfish as a back up if she doesn't change


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