Do guys like the nerdy girls?

i was on my phone in a college class and then i got off and started reading. a guy i knew from high school says to the person next to him that he hates reading. okay what makes you think i care? last semester i met a guy who was just as nerdy as me and we talked for 20 minutes about the book i was reading at the time and then he left me alone to get back to my reading. i dont know if i will have a class with him or meet someone who appreciates my nerdiness. dont believe me i carry a book everywhere i go just in case i ge bored, books where my best friend when i was little and it was people like him that made me stop reading and try to fit in but i had a teacher in high school who taught me why reading is awesome and i started reading again, i am in 12 different fandoms, i plan to cosplay as eowyn at comic-con, my glasses are real and i actually need them, etc. again my question is do guys like the nerdy girls?


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  • Yes, very much yes, I love smart and or intelligent women, that I can talk about things like art, history, science etc. And if we end up talking about something that I have no clue about or understand, well I learned something lol.


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