Is he just bored or has he fallen out of love?

So around 4 months ago I started talking to this guy in my class and ever since then he started texting me and we've been hanging out ever since. All the studying together stuff suddenly became having lunch together and then became going on movie dates, etc etc.. we grew closer than ever. So then, 2 months later, we finally decided to make it official as boyfriend and girlfriend. Although we're not of the same religion and that we both realize that we're not gonna go far anyway, we decided to just go for it anyway while it still works. Everything went perfect! He admitted to have been crushing on me ever since that first day we started talking to each other. and we've been having the time of our lives! Until a few days ago, I noticed he started to become a little distant, so I confronted him about it. He admits to being a little bored... and on top of that, the whole religion problem came back. He said he was scared to getting too attached and then having to break up bcs his family is against him dating people of different religion (that's what happened with his ex of 2years). He says that we get along realllyy welll and that's exactly the problem. He sees himself getting too attached to me to thinks we should just end it before we both get hurt later on. So I'm really confused now bcs we haven't really decided on anything, so we should still be "dating" right? but I get the feeling that as of now, this relationship has become a one-sided thing... I mean I get that he's bored and I do agree that we've been seeing each other a little bit too much lol, but being bored and having fallen out of love are two different things, no? Is he just hiding behind the whole religion thing because he just wants to dumps bcs he's lost interest? but it's only been 2 months of dating?
oh and i do admit that things kinda escalated really quickly... like cuddling before it was official, and kissing and even sleeping together after only like 2 weeks in


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  • My boyfriend and I have different religions he's tamil and I'm a christan. And we make it work so I really think he's hiding behind it. I think he lost interest he maybe not ready for a relationship or think it's not worth the drama. Just see what happens.


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