How do I know if I'm wasting my time?

I've been dating this guy for 2 months and things were going great in the beginning. Around 3 weeks ago he told me he thought things were going to fast and that he doesn't know if he wants a relationship with me, yet 3 days ago he took me on a 3 day trip (his idea, his bill!)

The trip was amazing and we both had a great time, but now he says he doesn't know what he wants and that maybe we should go back to being friends until we get to know each other better before moving on. We met online and didn't really start off as friends, so I do not know how to go from dating to just friends or when to progress.

I really like this guy and he says that he has feelings for me, yet I keep getting mixed messages from him! He says he;s not ready for a relationship yet he initiates couple's activities for us. I love hanging out with him and I would like to see him once or twice a week, but I;m afraid I may be wasting my time.


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  • Well did you guys have sex on the trip? If you did, then he could be testing you to see if you will initiate a relationship. Also if you had sex with him and he acts that way he could be playin you. If you did not have sex with him then he prob doesn't like you that much anymore and he thinks you are not frisky enough and is wasting his time. Or he tried to make a move on you at the trip, and you didn't go "All the Way" with him for whatever your reason. In any event the onlyway you are really going to find out what he really wants is to initiate a relationship with him. If he agrees when you guys talk abou it then you got a good guy that really likes you, if you still wants his freedom than he is still trying to figure out what he wants and still wants to date other people, then it will be up to you to decied if you can tolerate the keeping your options open, at least you can still see other people too. If you still don't want to pressure him or bring it up let him go and if he likes you once you guys slow down he will come back to you, if he genuinley cares...You might as well stick around and leave it open because if you close the deal now you will have really wasted the time you already put in...


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  • The thing with online dating is since you have no history together, you have no idea who he is or what he's up to. He could be dating someone else for all we know.

    The best thing to do now is to develop your independence and be happy without him. If he wants to come back, he'll be surprised that you're doing so well without him, and start pursuing you again.

    In the meantime, DO NOT contact him.

    Then again if he doesn't want to come back, he won't. Period.

    The friend thing is just a hoax, to let you down easy. Sorry, but true.