Girls, I feel like I stand no chance with women because of my race, are there any open minded women out there?

I am Indian by race, born and raised in Africa by my Indian CHRISTIAN parents, I have been taught since childhood to respect women/girls. I have not once been told by my father to treat women like dirt etc in fact women in my family are quite independant and well educated and I don't expect women to be a house wife as is the mis-conception of my "culture" in fact I would rather be with a independant woman who likes to work and not sit at home. I have also never been taught to look down on women whatsoever, or to treat them as second class, my grandmother was the main bread winner in my mothers house, she worked as a mechanical draughtsman and her mother was a teacher. I come from a family that has a long line of hard working independant women so I will reiterate just because I am Indian by race doesn't mean I automatically act a certain way. Just like not all animals will bite you.
My mother even encourages me to get married to a well educated girl.

Lastly I do not send harassing messages to women online, I am NOT vegetarian, I do NOT wear a dot on my forehead, I do NOT work in a call center/7-11, and I am NOT a telemarketer.


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  • I think that you'll meet someone. I've only known a few Indian guys and they all ended up married. Try meeting some girls in the real world and not just online. I think that online dating is better for people older than 25 and meeting people in person is better for younger people.


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  • I wouldn't mind dating an Indian man. It just unfortunate that the men who have harassed female users are probably the uneducated Indian men. But there are other Indian male users on this website who are completely normal and who give extremely helpful opinions ie @YourFutureEx @dantesparda

    • But that goes for any race not just Indian men. Why only focus on Indian men. What about WHITE MEN AND BLACK MEN? Why do you always say nice things about white men and black men regardless of all the bad things they do yet you shit on every Indian men. Even after trying to be nice and asking this question in the most respectable manner I still get treated in a RACIST manner. So you know what... FUCK WHITE PEOPLE CAUSE YOU HATE ME, I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU HATE ME, AND I WILL JUDGE ALL WHITE PEOPLE IN THE SAME WAY YOU JUDGE ALL INDIANS!!!

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    • But I've never been physically abused by a black thug. How the hell is that racial bias? I don't understand you tbh

    • Then what am I supposed to do then huh? Should I remain alone and miserable for the rest of my life because women hate my race? Is that what you want?

  • Guess there's nth wrong..

  • well for me indians are kinda no because of stuff i see online not because of indian culture specifically

    like... well sorry but most Indian guys are 100% pervs online
    obviously not all of them are like that. but its the only category of indian males I've been exposed to

    • So you'll just lump all Indians into one group because of your experiences lol. So are you just going to ignore the WHITE pervs and the BLACK pervs. Seems to me you suffer from a bad case of RACIAL bias. You view Indians as a "inferior" race so anything they say or do will automatically be considered negative according to you.

      And you people wonder why I get so angry and retaliate against white people like you who are RACIST.

      I don't judge all white people because of the few negative experiences I have had with them. So in conclusion I hate you too and you are a RACIST prick who needs to broaden their horizons.

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    • good for you... im not even white

    • Then tell me what is your race so I can say negative things about it.

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