Guys, if you're on a first date with a woman who is going through a divorce, what's the least awkward way for her to let you know?

Haven't dated in about 9 years, no clue what I am doing, let alone how to handle the awkward waiting for the court to finish the paperwork conversation. I am literally starting over- how awkward is it that I am having to live with my parents? Need some insight into the man's pov on first dates and what is too much or not enough information. How much of this can be a turn off?
Thanks guys!


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  • Doesn't matter how long you haven't dated but it does matter how long you've been separated. I know from personal experience that going through a divorce is a real blow and you want to see if you're still attractive to the opposite sex. This is a rebound and is just covering up your feelings. You can't hide them forever. I recommend you go through the grieving process and live on your own for awhile. The living on your own is very important because it proves to yourself that you don't need a man and can do just fine on your own. That's how you don't get desperate and jump into another relationship that's bad. Good luck

    • Amen to that. The grieving process is rough but I need to figure out who I am too. Thanks!

    • You're welcome and I've been where you are but I did the rebound thing and regretted it

  • I would prefer if you just told it straight away, no need to wrap the shit up and try to put it out nicely. You living with your parents aren't that big of a deal, we all go through tough times, and sometimes are in need of our parents help. You just got to stay strong, and be happy about the future. its not a turn off if you tell your story and what you are going through... but it is a turn off if you keep digging in it. Like "ohhh i hate staying at my parents i can't seem to get moving" Just quickly let your date know your situation and move on to the fun part like flirting, laughing and so on. Keep your date focused on the good things and the future instead of the past and all the problems :). Hope i could help, and im glad you finally came out to date again, good luck with everything!


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