Would you consider it appreciation or babying?

So everyonce I awhile like maybe once a month I leave my boyfriend little things like I left scratchers and said I'm so lucky to have you. I also get him special beers and will make food for his friends and stuff and then leave for a few hours so they can hang out. just little things like that just to try and show him he's appreciated. My friend has decided to start saying its "babying him" he has always said how much he loves it and how awesome I am but she keeps saying he will leave me because it's babying. Would you say that her or myself is wrong here?


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  • I wouldn't call it babying I'd call it loving

    • Ok! That's how I always felt I did it so he knows I appreciate all the things he does for me

    • Listen to your boyfriend not your friend. She doesn't know how he feels about it

    • Thanks! I will listen to him only 😊

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  • If you're making him happy keep making him happy. Your friends doesn't know what he will and won't do only your boyfriend can tell you that.

    • He always says things about how he has never been treated so good so I feel like I should be fine she just keeps saying it and ironically she is single

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    • That's kind of what I thought! When he does nice things for me she says things like that won't last and stuff so I think she is indeed bitter!!

    • Lol!! Well you're doing well, keep staying happy :D

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  • She needs to stop saying that.
    It is not babying him.

    Next time she says that, tell her to stop in firm tone.


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