I think I got a girlfriend. Now what?

So here's the deal. Basically there's this girl who I've been texting and talking, she's really shy by the way. Ik that we both like each other but its very casual, we just say hi, talk about school sometimes, etc. She opens up when we text and we have a lot of things in common but I'm super new to all this boyfriend/girlfriend stuff so I have no idea what to do now...

I mean, should I ask her out (if yes, what/where?) or should I wait till we get more comfortable in person (cuz its a little awkward, us both being very shy). Or what else should or can I do now?

Comments, suggestions greatly appreciated!


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  • you think? ok HOLD UP for a second lol... u do not have a girlfriend if u haven't asked her and if she hasn't said yes yet lmao. hold ur horse tiger :P

    yes of course ask her! u ask her 'would you like to be my girlfriend. i reckon i could treat u right'. i mean ur under 18 and i dont usually believe in that stuff but either way u will learn, grow or find love.

    dont u dare ask her over a device unless it is an online relationship and that's the only way. GOOD LUCK!

    • Okay, yeah, I forgot to mention that I already asked her out to a dance. And thanks for the don't ask her over device tip, I'll keep that in mind...

    • oh ok. well no problem :)

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  • Ask her to dinner.


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