Emo-scene and nerd girls I need your help?

Hows the best way to ask out an emo-ish nerd girl (she's a hardcore ds gamer but acts super scene even though she dresses normal), if it helps she doesn't have a phone so I can't ask for her number, and I met her last Friday where she was talking to her friend and I overheard her saying something about her crush... but I know people can like more than one person so I'm not out of the race, I do myself dress pretty emo though if that changes anything, I don't want to do something huge, that stuff seems stupid, especially for my friend group just to ask for a date so how should I word / go about this, and I know some girls like to get to know a guy first so should I wait? Also this one FUGLY guy has a crush on her too...


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  • You walk up to her and say " You wanna go out sometime?" She isn't really any different. She may listen to different music and act different, but it isn't like there is some sort of special ceremony you need to go through to ask her out.


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  • Dude don't go with these emo/scene types of girls they're the most basic, fakest, two faced types of bitches you'll ever meet lol but if you do I warned you and I would not give you a lick of sympathy and instead get a good laugh when I see you complaining how all women are assholes xD get yourself a regular geeky girl that's not an emo/scene

    • I'm just going to be honest, I've dated party girls in the past and those are the two faced bitch assholes who every other word is a lie, my emo ex asked me (that's why I'm nervous to ask first this time) and was 100% honest right up to when she dumped me and did it nicely and honestly.

    • both are bad lol do as you want but just don't give your all and you probably got realllyyyy lucky

    • Nah I'm called emo and so are my friends so I know what the people are like

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  • Lol hardcore ds gamer..

    Anyways, I would suggest a 2 step approach. First being a casual outing with her and one of her friends.
    Follow this with a second one on one date, preferably where you both can eat.

    On a side note , make sure to give attention to both her are her friend (s) on the date
    Good luck

  • A lot of emo girls like to go to concerts or music festivals. The fastest way to touch a girl's heart is through music. Find out what type of music she likes and make up some story like I have extra tickets but no ones up to go with me so do u wanna come? I won't even seem a lot to her.

  • She is probably the type who likes to be spontaneous just put both your hands on both her cheeks look her in the eye and go for the kiss and if she slaps you well at least you got your answer.


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