I am just a little confused. Why does he act like this not mention he's in the military?

I know the military is like serious and everything. I met this guy my junior year of hs. He was a senior. I am now graduated. We started talking again recently. He said I wonder what it'll be like to date you. He promised he'll see me when he comes back. But Everytime we text I have to text first to initiate a conversation or we go days without talking most likely than not sometimes. But if he really liked me he would talk to me right? It's just hard. When we text I feel like he doesn't want to talk to me but he does. I don't text him like constantly because I have a life. He's a marine. We never dated we only talked. We talked last year as well. We stopped talking. Now we are talking again barley. But if he really liked me he would talk to me and put in some effort right?


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  • He's probably busy


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