Girls, Are these girlfriend activation systems worth it?

I have never had luck with girls im 20 years old. I'm in college and there is this really cute girl I like. The problem I have is it says nothing on having a steady relationship just sleeping with them. That's great but what about me who wants a good relationship. I dont get how you can put all women as a whole. Like aren't women different this implys they all obsess over the same thing. The person who made this doesn't know every girl out there and never will. So this cute girl I like, would this work with her. Or should I just do my plan and talk to her and get to know her like most of the men got turned down for before they used this. I dont want to do it to sleep with her I just want a good relationship. Do woman still go for a guy who dresses decent does his college work and keeps clean for himself. Or do they just obsess over the type of shit in this activation system.


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  • A healthy woman who can maintain a relationship will like a man who is real with her. Games may work in the short term but not in the long term.


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  • i dont have the slightest clue with a girlfriend activation system is and i dont think i wanna know. just get to know the girl, flirt and go from there.

    • Just google it and you will get a better understanding, and yeah that's exactly what what im going to do.

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