I need some thoughts on this, especially from the girls. What do you think?

So I met this girl the other day. Absolutely gorgeous girl. Probably one of the cutest girls I've ever met. So we end up talking and I realized that not only is she very attractive but she seems like a sweet and nice person and easy to talk to. So I'm now very much interested in her. I just feel really intimidated because I feel like there's a lot of competition. She gets cornered by multiple dudes are parties who all want to talk to her. Now I'm just average looking dude so I kinda like oh what the fuck is the point? Yeah I might be a nice guy but nice guys aren't exactly a rare specimen lol. I know people say I have nothing to lose but I'm like ehh why even try though if I have no chance.


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  • The thing about not trying is that the answer will always be no. Like other's have said there's really no harm in trying. Appearance is certainly not everything. It's more about connecting with the person and what's on the inside. Niceness is always a plus. Just be genuine really. If this person overlooks you because of appearance it's really her loss. There's so much more to a person than appearance. After a while, looks fade. But that personality will still be going strong. :) So be yourself. All that you are will be enough for the right person.


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  • If you dont go for her you will never get her
    your low confidence is stopping you from ever having a chance with her. you never know what could happen if you try. if you aren't willing to do that then thats your loss

  • I think you should try first, there's no harm in trying, right? Appearance is not important if you really connected with her.


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