Is this type of dating ok?

there's this guy I texted about a month and half ago just to say hi to just simply be friendly. He had a girlfreind so I just told myself he was off limits (although I never really considered I liked him). But now he's single and as it turns out he really likes me which Is awsome and all but we haven't seen each other since the 8th grade... and we are sophomores in college.. so yea it's been a while. But is there anything wrong if I were to hang out with him and get to know him again. Kind of like online dating you know someone then text then meet then see where it goes from there. That's what I'm gonna do with this guy. Because I do like him but before I go out with him I want to be certain how I feel. Because he's made it clear he has strong feelings for me. .. would this be an okay thing to do in the dating world?


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  • It should be okay. What's wrong with wanting to truly get to know someone? It's very thoughtful and considered of you to not simply act on the fact that the person is "available" to date. Instead of just jumping into it and possibly hurting him when discovering you're not as into him as you thought, if that were to become the case, this really allows you to both see where you stand on such matters. :)


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  • Does he still have his gf?


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