Who else here grew up being unattractive?

I'm about to get plastic surgery to correct some horrific flaws and I'm about to experience what's it like to be facially aesthetic for the first time in my life lol. Rather exciting.

How did it effect your life and do you think your personality would be different if you were more attractive?


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  • I'm sure we've all grown up being unattractive at some point in our lives. There's got to be someone that doesn't find us attractive but that's okay. The goal isn't to be attractive to too many people, right? Too many people might sounds great because you get so many opportunities to expand your circle and what not but it can also lead to friendships and what not being just based off of appearance and what not. And what good is that? The right person will find you attractive. And it might not be what you expected. It could be your personality, your quirks, maybe even your interests that really attract someone to you. Looks could just be a bonus. See, there's much more to outer appearance. You have to have confidence in yourself too. I don't mean crossing the line to arrogance but just a little bit of confidence in yourself, ever so minimal.

    I've been really unattractive in appearance, awkwardness, lack of socialness (not a word... but whatever), and what have you. And you know what it's completely okay! The right people will be able to look past any imperfections. These flaws won't be all that matters. Embracing what we see as flaws can really help so how unique and special we are. They make us different. They make us who we truly are. Being not the most attractive has helped me to not be really arrogant or egotistical and i'm so grateful for that. The people that are in my circle are able to look past the little things that really don't matter. Over times looks will eventually fade. That personality however is likely to stay.

    I don't think much would be different if were more attractive. It could provide a slight confidence boost but that's about it. we're all human. we're all different. we're all "flawed". and that is okay. (:


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  • Yes being ugly makes you think you can never get a girl because your ugly , your never popular and never have courage. Make some. If I was more attractive I would have the opposite of those


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  • I'm a bitch and if i was cute I'd still be a bitch.


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