Why would he say he's not looking for a relationship and then suddenly start acting all romantic?

I met this new guy friend a few weeks ago & he's confusing the hell out of me.. the past couple weeks he's been texting me every single day, asking me to hang out one-on-one, etc. I couldn't tell if he was interested or just being friendly, so I straight up asked him & he said "I have feelings for you but not I'm looking for a relationship right now". I was disappointed but i said ok fine, let's be friends then, plus you're too young for me (he's 3 years younger =D). We hung out again today and I thought it was gonna be a friendly hangout, but it felt exactly like a date. He picked me up & we went to this unexpectedly nice sushi restaurant, and he even insisted on paying (he never pays for me usually). He also texted afterwards that he had a nice time, and that he'd miss me when I'm gone (I'm out of town all next week). I don't understand what the hell is going on.. is this guy trying to play me or something?


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  • So, he's going to wine & dine you, so you will give into being friends with benefits. He's young & doesn't want to be locked down but he likes you enough to keep you around & sleep with.

    • We haven't done anything physically.. i also told him i don't have sex with anyone outside of a relationship

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    • Ugh gross, if he tries that on me he's got another thing comin

    • Sadly, it seems to be the common thing guys are doing these days. I hope I'm wrong though :)

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