Guys, Why do guys want to have sex with their ex?

What is the point of this when u can go have sex with any other girl?
Ever since the breakup he's been trying to have sex. I don't understand u can have sex with any other girl not to mention he broke up with me so


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    "when u can go have sex with any other girl"...

    You make it sound so easy.

    • Isn't it? Go to the club a party or the bar..

    • If getting laid was that easy, there would be a lot less rapists in the world.

    • Okay so he's coming to me cause it's convienant for him

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  • I wouldn't want to do that.

    For the guys who do, it's most likely some leftover feelings or they seek a feeling of familiarity with someone they once connected with.

    • @zorro8888 I'm following you...

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    • Maybe he doesn't want to have sex with random girls, like you just said he knows you well enough by now adn you're good friends.

    • Ever since we broke up he's been trying to have sex with me but the funny thing is is that he broke up with me sooooo

  • I don't. Major turnoff

    • So why would a guy want to

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    • Does that mean anything or am I just over analyzing

    • He's just told you that he doesn't want any distractions but he asks for sex. That's all he wants from any woman not just you. The reason he's asking you to have sex is he thinks you'll be the most likely to say OK. If he doesn't get what he wants in the next couple of weeks he'll start saying things you'll want to hear. Don't fall for it. If you fuck him and he turns cold or distant afterward which he will, don't cry to me. You've been warned.

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