How can I be more intimate with her?

We had a great first date, got along really well, planned for a 2nd date and send eachother loving msgs.

But there wasn't a kiss or a hug or even holding hands. I'm just shy and not use to this. Should I just be myself and let it develop slowly or I should take a risk?


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  • Take her out on a walk or a drive. I usually take a date to the ol family farm drive back down the old pasture then walk back to the bush and walk through the trails through the forest. She would prolly like a nice romantic walk most women do. Just be your self but remember women line a guy thats not afrade to be romantic and can think of a romantic date on his own with out asking her. The hug and kiss will come soon if you just be your self and pardon the phrase "woo her" with a nice quiet romantic date even if its just a walk ot doesn't have to be expensive or cost anything just that its careing and romantic.


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