Should I text this guy to let him know I am back or should I not worry about it?

We met about 4 months ago. He picked me, took me out for dinner and we couldn't get enough of each other. He immediately spoke about what he wants. He is 10 years older so he said he wants a serious relationship and does not want to play around. We clicked instantly and could open up to each other about anything. Even to this day, we talk about everything. We regularly tell each other that we feel at ease in each others presence. I definitely feel attracted to him, yet I feel he is also a friend to me. We are also similar in many ways and he has said that before as well. When we are out together, he makes me feel feminine because he holds my bags for me, opens the door, makes sure I am not cold and provides a cardigan just in case. Suggests picking me up to take me food shopping etc. He is the sort of the guy that sets the night out for you and has everything planned. He asked to date me exclusively pretty quickly almost a week into knowing each other. He includes me in his future plans and asks about mine as well. He once said that he would like to have a Caucasian wife (I am white, he's Chinese) because of how he would like his children to be brought up as he believes the Asian way of bringing up children isn't very good, so the Asian and Caucasian together would be a good fit. When we're in public, he holds my hands and kisses me every now and then. Few weeks ago we slept together for the first time and then he took me out for dinner, when we had sex he came really quickly but made sure I was pleased. He had to go away for work the next day so dropped me home. He messaged me the next morning asking how I slept, we spoke for a bit then he stopped texting me. He messaged me again the next day and said he was back and I said good. He then didn't speak to me for a week so I decided to text him. He said he was still working hard etc. I told him I was going away as well but to let me know when he's free. He asked when I was going and for how long.
And then he said he is also going away soon. I replied and he asked the date I am away for so we can plan. I didn't reply and then he messaged me saying he missed me. I told him that I will be back sometime next week (this week) so I'll let him know and he said okay with two kisses.

Even though he hasn't messaged me whilst I've been away, should I let him know I'm back?


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  • So much thoughts and feelings in this paragraph.
    Definitely let him know ~ Sounds like a keeper !
    Better not play games with this one hun ! He's a dangerous one ! ;P


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  • give it a day or 2. did he know when you were due back?

    • The last time we spoke was a week ago though. Because it's the new week, I should be messaging him back now to let him know. (I am due to be back now)

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    • True! Thank you so much for your help by the way, I appreciate it

    • no problem... One thing I have learned, the good guys throw dating rules out the window xx

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